Rett Syndrome Association of Australia | Conference photos

Conference photos


   RSAA awards for services to Rett syndrome

               Janelle LILLIS (Australia) (pictured on screen)                                                    Kathy HUNTER (USA)                     

 Janelles award        Kathys award

                                                                                                                     The RSAA Award is a silver pendant (see below) modelled on the   
                                                                                                                     Association’s logo, namely, a butterfly, the shadow of which
   Below: Peter WERCHON (at left), Bill CALLAGHAN (at right)                         is the international symbol for the X chromosome.  
Treasurer Peter Wercon, Vice President Claude Buda and President Bill Callaghan.jpeg                                         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

 Kid’s Club

 Kids room - Kensei and Valentina       Kids room c
 Bill - Kids room          SATURDAY KLINGNER, Fiona DUNN and Avianna MOONEY
Mia Wellington relaxing in the Kids Club               Cheyanne Carmichael with her beautiful facepainting (2)
 Lily Klingner                                       KIds Club entertainer name - Ben
Kids room - Ben Costanza                                              Peter Roberts f
SATURDAY Kids Club view         kids room - Balconey
Volunteers                                               Peter Roberts d


1 and 2 – Kathy Hunter (USA); 3 – Sally Ann Garrett (Ireland); 4 – (At left) Mary-Louise Bertram (Australia);
5 – Elizabeth Lea (Australia); 6 – Tracey Bode (Australia);
7 – (Left to right) Eva Chan, Vivienne Byrnes, Paulina Malec and Erin Ilsley (all Australia);   
8 – (Left to right) Trudi Nowell and Di Strachan (both Australia); 
9 – (Left to right) Fiona Bell and Traci Ellmer (both Australia); 10 – Peter Hewish (Australia);
11 – Susanne Smeeton (Australia); 12 – John Christodoulou (Australia); 13 – Simon Harvey (Australia);
14 – Helen Leonard (at left) and Jenny Downs (both Australia); 15 – Michael Johnson (Australia);
16 – Yvonne Lai (Australia); 17 – (Left to right) Bill Callaghan, Desi Cagliuso, Lucie Hallenstein and Gabriella Nesci (all Australia); 18 – (Left to right) Scott Hunter (USA), Sue Birch and Krys Sadkowsky (both Australia).  

1FRIDAY Kathy Hunter         2 Kathy - RSAA Conference - Day 1


3  FRIDAY Sally Ann Garrett                   4  Mary Louise Bertram and fan

 5 Elizabeth Lea                 6 Tracey Bode a


7 GlenAllen a                   8  NDIS


NDIS - Tracie and Fiona  10 -Head of Estate Planning with Australia Exector Trustees Peter Hewish outlined how we can start planning for the future right now


11Susanne Smeeton was overwhelmed with the love in the room    12John

 13OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                 14 Sarah Dunn with helen and Jenny b

                   15 Orthopaedic Paediatric surgeon Michael B Johnson


16FRIDAY Yvonne Lai (1)                                 17 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


                          18SATURDAY Adult Panel Discussion


Tribute and Dinner 

Dinner aa               Dinner j
Tribute - Jess Bowden                Alli Ebony and Louise
Bas at the dinner              Partying e
Partying q                    Dinner d

Families make the conference their own 

Tania and Mark Whitty           SATURDAY The Hallenstein Family              Margaret and Louise
Moss and Hauff                                         FRIDAY Fiona Bell and Narelle Read
Peter and Anne                        Merchandise desk b
Bill Mirella and Krys      Davies family    Reign Gadaoni and mum
Donna and Claude    Jacquie and Jayne   Sue and Sue
Fiona, Diane       Rob, Alanah and Ben        Scott and Caroline
Jayne Kelly and Caroline                          SATURDAYJan Bell and Jayne Bowden


Mark Whitty    Carousel - Pam, Helen, Yvonne and Denni        Post conference b
Post conference  Carousel - Caroline and Annelise    Pam and
Carousel - Donna and   Young rett girl  Kim Dunn
                                                             Below: Committee of the Rett Syndrome Association of Australia
                                                      [Absent: Kirsty Sale (Sth Aust), Madeleine Saric (Qld) and Phil Creswell (Tas)]
Christmas tree                               Committee 2                                     Christmas tree b